PJM Holding Grid 2020 Forum on Public Policy 

PJM has announced the agenda for its next Grid 2020 forum, Public Policy Goals & Market Efficiency, which will be held Aug. 18.

This forum will focus on the confluence of market design and public policy goals. Industry experts and regulatory officials will explore various pathways in which market rules can accommodate policy goals without distorting market principals.

It will follow the white paper, “Resource Investment in Competitive Markets,” which analyzed the effects of PJM Markets on resource investment, exiting generation resources, innovations and public policy considerations.

Topics will include:

  • Preservation of the status quo
  • Altering the Minimum Offer Price Rule
  • Restructuring the procurement process
  • Non-traditional approaches (outside of the box)

There is no cost to attend the event at the PJM Conference & Training Center, but registration is required.