PJM Issues Hot Weather Alert for May 17-18

With the weather forecast indicating unseasonably hot temperatures that could reach the 90’s this week, PJM has issued a grid-wide Hot Weather Alert for Wednesday, May 17, and Thursday, May 18.

This alert is for member companies with transmission and generation equipment to take steps to prepare for higher demand than typically expected. Consumers are not expected to be affected and no operational problems are anticipated.

The alert was called because the forecast shows above-average mid-week temperatures across much of the PJM region. The recent PJM summer readiness assessment pointed out that meteorologists anticipate above-average temperatures this year however the grid is prepared with enough power to meet demand.

A Hot Weather Alert prepares transmission or generation personnel and facilities for extreme hot and/or humid weather conditions that may cause capacity problems on the grid. Transmission/generation operators determine if any maintenance or testing on their facilities can be deferred to a later date or even canceled.

Hot Weather Alerts do not trigger PJM’s Capacity Performance Assessment Hours for capacity resources, which PJM uses to assess a generator’s performance during selected emergency actions.