PJM Launches Tool to Streamline Generation Interconnection Process

PJM launched today a new tool called Queue Point that simplifies the way generation interconnection requests are submitted to PJM for study. Queue Point is a module within PJM’s Planning Center that allows users to enter data for multiple interconnection request forms in a single location.

Designed to replace the existing forms available on the PJM website, Queue Point collects information PJM uses to conduct studies that identify any enhancements to the transmission system needed to maintain grid reliability while accommodating interconnection requests.

With Queue Point, users can more easily submit those forms. Improvements include:

  • A wizard to help users find the right form
  • The ability to save information to complete forms at a later time
  • Better design, data entry, file upload and deficiency process capabilities
  • The ability to enter multiple sets of equipment for one queue project

In order to use the tool, users must be granted access. PJM members can apply for access on the Account Manager page of the PJM website. Non-members will need to have a new company account created in order to be granted access. Instructions are available in the Queue Point User Guide (PDF).

Assistance is available by contacting Member Relations or by calling 866-400-8980.

Queue Point currently supports submission requests for Attachment N of the Generation Interconnection Feasibility Study and System Impact Study. At present, all other interconnection requests must continue to be submitted through the existing forms. Additional interconnection request forms will be available in a future update of the tool. Learn more about future updates through the Tech Change Forum.