PJM, MISO and Transmission Owners file changes to agreement

On December 30, 2016, PJM, the PJM transmission owners, MISO and the MISO transmission owners submitted concurrently (under separate cover and dockets) parallel revisions to the PJM-MISO Joint Operating Agreement (Docket ER17-718-000 and ER17-725-000). The dockets were submitted to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission.

The revisions propose the creation of a new interregional planning process and cost allocation methodology for targeted market efficiency projects.

This proposal is intended to facilitate the development of low-cost, high-value targeted market efficiency projects, which reduce historical congestion along the MISO-PJM border to benefit customers and improve coordination between the grid operators.

PJM, MISO and their respective transmission owners request an effective date for the proposed revisions no later than 180 days from the date of these filings or no later than June 28.