PJM Now App Feature: Cold Weather Alerts

Among the features of the new PJM Now app is an option to receive alerts when PJM issues an emergency procedure.

Typically, emergency procedures are directed to transmission operators or generator personnel; not for consumers to take action.

This time of year Cold Weather Alerts may signal a need to prepare the system for extreme weather. A Cold Weather Alert, however, does not mean that PJM anticipates problems meeting demand for electricity.

These Cold Weather Alerts help transmission and generation operators determine if any maintenance or testing on any generation or substation equipment can be deferred to a later date or canceled.

PJM can initiate a Cold Weather Alert across the regional transmission organization or on a control zone basis when the forecasted/actual weather conditions approach 10 degrees Fahrenheit or below. PJM can initiate an alert at higher temperatures if it anticipates increased winds.

PJM has issued two Cold Weather Alerts so far this season – Dec. 15 through 17 and Dec. 19, both for the western region of the footprint.

PJM Now is available in the iOS App Store and Google Play. Learn more about PJM Now on pjm.com.