PJM Participating in DoE Grid Modernization Projects

PJM will provide key guidance as an industry advisor for eight projects focused on grid modernization. The U. S. Department of Energy will fund the projects with grant money.

The DoE created the Grid Modernization Initiative, which it describes as an “aggressive” five-year strategy dedicated to supporting research that will shape the future of the power grid.

The DoE’s National Laboratories will lead the projects. PJM will participate in an advanced grid modeling project and  seven other projects which are related to transmission reliability.

PJM will collaborate with multiple groups on the projects, which total $25 million in grants.

Past collaborations with the National Labs led to undertakings such as an application to predict network interchange schedules at PJM, a joint effort by PJM and the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory.

“PJM’s past working relationship with the labs has been strong,” said Emanuel E. Bernabeu, manager – Applied Solutions. “These projects will strengthen our strategic alliances with the National Labs.

“They will have a direct impact on key PJM initiatives, like modeling accuracy, analysis of system resiliency and enhanced situational awareness, reducing the day-ahead clearing time using advanced computational methods, and distributed energy resources strategy.”

The DoE is funding more than 80 projects – totaling $220 million over three years.