PJM Presents “As left” CETL Studies at TEAC

PJM presented the “as left” capacity emergency transfer limit load deliverability studies for a year 2020 summer model from the 2016 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan at the May 4 Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee meeting.

These studies, presented in the reliability analysis update, showed the 2020 summer peak model created from the 2021 summer peak RTEP base case, which is the same year modeled for 2020/21 capacity market planning parameter development.

The studies update:

  • PJM loads based on January 2017 PJM load forecast report
  • Transmission based on upgrades approved by the PJM Board through December 2016
  • Generation models through December 2016
  • Deactivations
  • Interconnection Projects
  • Transmission service through December 2016

PJM also reviewed a final recommendation for a project, which completes the 2016 RTEP proposal window number three.

In the market efficiency update, PJM presented the study approach and next steps in the 2016/17 long-term proposal window, as well as the current status of the 2016-2017 24-month market efficiency cycle.

PJM also presented the monthly updates on interregional planning, including the Ramapo phase angle regulator with NYISO and generation deactivation.