PJM Presents Projects at TEAC

PJM presented five new market efficiency baseline upgrades for the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan at the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee meeting on Thursday.

The TEAC, which reviews RTEP plans before they go to the PJM Board of Managers for a vote, recommended the projects move forward to the board at its anticipated February meeting.

Among the five projects which address market efficiency, the first four are in the Dominion zone and involve upgrading capacitors at four substations. These capacitor changes will result in reduced congestion charges.

The other market efficiency project addresses a capacity limit on a line in the ComEd zone that will likely result in reduced capacity costs in the Chicago area.

The TEAC also reviewed a staff presentation on a third recommendation which would advance the schedule of an existing RTEP baseline upgrade, potentially accelerating the timeline for the Hanover Pike Baseline Project. Currently, the project is designated to BG&E and is due for completion in 2021. The TEAC proposed advancing the completion date to 2019. There is no anticipated additional cost to accelerate the project.

In addition, PJM staff presented supplemental upgrades in the PP&L transmission zone.  Unlike the baseline upgrades, these supplemental upgrades (pages 36-49) do not require approval from the board but still undergo stakeholder review and comment. These supplemental projects address a variety of age and performance issues. Improvement on these lines will improve quality of service by decreasing the frequency and duration of outages because of failed components, lightning, and other weather-related events and increasing facility capabilities and efficiencies.