PJM Presents Projects to TEAC

PJM Planning staff updated the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee April 13 on the reliability baseline and supplemental upgrades for 2014 – 2016 and on proposals submitted during the recent market efficiency window.


Stakeholders reviewed 2016 RTEP Proposal Window Data. The data included proposal fees that were collected as part of the 2016 RTEP cycle and PJM expenses that were incurred to evaluate the proposals.  In addition, upgrades were broken down by transmission owner and voltages. PJM also presented two projects – one in ATSI and the other in Dominion, as well as a number of supplemental projects

PJM presented the anticipated 2017 Regional Transmission Expansion Plan schedule. PJM said, as its next RTEP steps, it would finalize the 2017 models and begin analysis.

Market Efficiency

PJM detailed the proposals from the 2016-2017 24-Month Market Efficiency Cycle after presenting a preliminary review at the March TEAC.

There are 96 proposals – 52 greenfield projects (estimated cost between $15.8 million and $371.3 million) and 44 upgrades (totaling between $0 cost and $192.07 million). There are 20 proposing entities (including six combinations of joint proposals) and eight interregional proposals (five greenfield and three upgrades).

Greenfield projects are those that are being built on new sites and are not an upgrade to an existing facility.

PJM will continue the mid-cycle update of major assumptions through April (load forecast, demand forecast, fuel prices, generation expansion and network topology) before moving into analysis of proposed solutions in May.

PJM provided an appendix with all of the proposals.

Deactivation Update

PJM presented a generator deactivation update on the four Stuart units and two Killian units in Ohio. Dayton Power & Light requested the deactivations for June 2018. PJM has identified reliability issues related to the deactivations and is analyzing potential solutions.

PJM also presented an interregional coordination update and posted the white paper on the Artificial Island project recommendations to the PJM Board.