PJM Reaches Out to Stakeholders at MC Webinar

Stakeholder involvement was the theme as PJM reached out to members on a number of different issues at the Members Committee Webinar March 20.

PJM encouraged stakeholders to provide feedback and input on a number of topics on planning and markets.

During the update on the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee redesign, PJM reached out to stakeholders in identifying areas for improvement. Among the goals of the redesign is to build mutual understanding between PJM and stakeholders.  PJM is committed to better communication, pledging to adopt more dynamic and timely approaches.

PJM also encouraged stakeholder interest in distributed energy resources, a working issue in both the Planning and Market Implementation Committees.

The planning solutions are expected to resolve challenges in the queue process, including alternate queues. In special MIC meetings, stakeholders and PJM are looking at solutions and options for market rules and examining case studies.

PJM provided an update on interregional coordination activities with MISO and NYISO. The update touched on MISO and PJM pseudo-tie efforts, as well as the ongoing discussion of the NYISO Ramapo PAR. There will be upcoming stakeholder meetings on the topics of potential double counting for MISO (date to be announced) and Ramapo PAR for NYISO (April 18 at the NYISO office). The next MISO-PJM joint stakeholder meeting will be hosted by PJM on May 23 at the MISO office in Indiana.

PJM also presented an update on PJM/MISO coordination of the Clean Power Plan. Both MISO and PJM welcome suggestions from states on additional sensitivities for study using the joint model.

Other Webinar Business: