PJM Mobile App Shows Snapshot of Markets, Ops

PJM today announced the release of PJM Now, a mobile app that tracks PJM’s markets and operations in real time.

Available for iOS and Android devices, the PJM Now app makes it easy for users to see prices, trends and power flows throughout the PJM footprint. The app includes an interactive locational marginal pricing map where users can see LMP prices by zone, demand curve graphs to view demand by the hour and a way to see how power flows in and out of the region PJM serves. Users can also choose to receive alerts when LMPs reach selected prices and when PJM issues emergency procedures.

“We are excited to release PJM Now as another way for our stakeholders and the public to better interact with and learn more about PJM,” said Nora Swimm, senior vice president – Corporate Client Services.

PJM Now is available in the iOS App Store and Google Play. Learn more about PJM Now on the PJM website.