PJM Survey Feedback Team Rolling Out Action Plans

Adaptable. Responsive. Innovative. These are some key characteristics that PJM, as a customer-focused organization, strives to be. They are also drivers of a recently launched, on-going effort to respond to stakeholder feedback.

The effort is a set of action plans to address findings from the 2015 customer satisfaction survey. Denise Foster, vice president – State and Member Services, said that ensuring members are satisfied with how PJM carries out its responsibilities as a transmission organization is paramount.

With that charge, PJM is taking the survey results, developing action plans and putting them into place.

communications1While members’ overall satisfaction is strong at 87 percent, the rating reflects a slight decrease from previous surveys. Most results in individual categories remained high as well, but the survey revealed areas of improvement.

PJM’s action plans, which address areas that received the most feedback, span the functional areas of Information Technology, System Planning, Operations, Member Support, and Stakeholder Relations. Some plans are well underway.

Information Technology Services launched the Tech Change Forum, to coordinate, consolidate and share information with members. Stakeholders can register for the information session July 21 at the PJM Conference & Training Center, Audubon, Pa.

Through the forum, PJM will share long-term work plans, evaluate member/vendor impacts and examine how best to meet timelines. PJM also will offer more tool-specific training when it plans significant changes.

PJM is working with the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission on the Order 1000 process, including testifying at the commission June 27 and 28. As a result of Order 1000 lessons learned sessions, System Planning is drafting updates to Manual 14C and developing a new manual for the competitive proposal window process.

Operations is working with transmission owners to establish appropriate transmission outage return time metrics as well as methods to increase transparency in transmission outage timeline adjustments.

PJM found that continuing to improve responsiveness in member interactions is one of the biggest opportunities. Client Management is establishing standards to streamline the way PJM interacts with members and responds to their requests to be more timely and complete. Client managers coordinate with members to facilitate their PJM activities.

Stakeholder Relations will work with stakeholders to investigate ways to best improve the stakeholder process – including how divergent stakeholder interests might limit consensus building and potential voting structure modifications.

In response to the survey, the PJM action plans are providing…

  • Efficient processes
  • Timely and helpful support
  • Easy-to-use applications
  • Consistent and well-timed communication

PJM encourages members to email SurveyFeedback@pjm.com with feedback and suggestions.