PJM/NYISO Wheel Agreement Termination Leads OC

Working out the details of the expiring PJM/NYISO Wheel Agreement was one of the topics of the July 12 Operating Committee meeting.

PJM is using a three-pronged approach, coordinating stakeholder efforts through the Operating Committee, Markets Implementation Committee and Planning Committee.

PJM will update members with more details in the August and September stakeholder meetings, following additional work with NYISO. PJM and NYISO hold weekly meetings on establishing procedures to maintain system reliability and open access.

The transmission agreement between PSE&G and Con Edison of New York was created in the 1970s and rolled over pursuant to the PJM Tariff in 2012. In April of this year, ConEd notified PJM and NYISO that it was not renewing the agreement, effective May 1, 2017.

The Operating Committee also heard updates on Performance Assessment Hour triggers and the Unit Specific Parameter process. PJM also reminded members of the upcoming NERC compliance deadline to provide generator data to PJM through the Planning Center.  Members with questions should contact PJM at mod-032@pjm.com.

The committee endorsed changes to Manual 3A, Energy Management System Model Updates and Quality Assurance.

First reads:

  • Manual 37: Reliability Coordination (periodic review)
  • Manual 12: Balancing Operations (administrative/conforming updates)
  • Manual 14C: Generation and Transmission Interconnection Facility Construction (Order 1000 – Informational only)
  • Manual 14D: Generator Operational Requirements (updates to the unit cold weather testing process)