Planning Committee explores FERC proposed rule on generator interconnection reform

PJM and its stakeholders looked at generation interconnection and its possible reform at the Planning Committee meeting Jan. 12.

The Federal Energy Regulatory Commission recently issued a Notice of Proposed Rulemaking on generator interconnection reforms. PJM will be required to respond within 60 days following publication in the Federal Register; any discussions so far have been very preliminary.

The notice concentrates on three areas for reform: Improving certainty in the interconnection process, improving transparency by providing more information to interconnection customers and enhancing the interconnection processes.

Steve Herling, vice president – Planning, pointed out PJM already conforms to many of the recommendations and, for the most past, has a good process. He said that the proposal gives PJM and other grid organizations the opportunity for process improvement and a chance to better define some aspects of the process.

PJM also presented the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan process enhancements on treatment of transmission substation equipment. The committee worked on this issue, which includes proposing changes to the Operating Agreement, throughout 2016. It anticipates votes at the February Planning Committee, Markets Reliability Committee and Members Committee.  This enhancement will improve the efficiency of the proposal window process by excluding transmission substation equipment projects that typically result in simple upgrades, reserved for the transmission owner.

In other committee business: