Project Underway to Enhance PJM Tools Security

PJM is enhancing the security of PJM tools in response to member feedback. Although these changes will require members to use the tools differently, they will provide a better, long-term solution that makes it easier to do business with PJM.

Cybersecurity is important to PJM, and PJM is dedicated to protecting member data and the security of members’ business transactions. PJM continuously works to implement industry best practices around security. As part of this effort, PJM is making the following changes this year to enhance the security of PJM tools:

Enhancement Date
User and system accounts will be disabled after 90 days of inactivity. Accounts can be designated or created for system-to-system interaction.Note: A system account is used for non-interactive access to applications; for example, an application running on a remote server which needs to download or upload to a PJM tool would use a system account. Sept. 15
Stronger user credentials

  • Passwords for non-system accounts will expire after 126 days.
  • Minimum password length for all accounts will be increased to 10 characters.
  • Notifications will be sent before passwords expire.
Oct. 29
Users will be able to retrieve user IDs and reset passwords by answering predefined security questions they set up themselves. Nov. 4
Forced logouts

  • Users will sign in again after 30 minutes of inactivity.
  • Users will sign in again every 24 hours regardless of length of activity.
  • will not be impacted.
Dec. 15

Single Sign-On Timeline

Single sign-on is the ability to use one username and password across multiple tools. It will be available for the tools according to the following timeline:

Tool Date
Bulletin Board, Gas Pipeline, Messages Sept. 1
Account Manager, Billing Line Item Transfer, Data Miner, Emergency Procedures, Post Contingency Local Load Relief Warning, Voting Sept. 15
Data Viewer, ExSchedule, InSchedule, Power Meter, Resource Tracker Sept. 30
OASIS Nov. 16
eCredit, eDataFeed, eDART, eFTR, eLRS, eGADS, eRPM, MSRS, eMKT Dec. 1 Coming in 2016

PJM recognizes the changes will impact users now – but the up-front work provides a better solution for the long term. These changes are being communicated to members over the course of the project which will be completed in phases through 2016.

Please contact the tools security team at if you have any questions.