Report from July 23 MRC Meeting

PJM’s Markets and Reliability Committee endorsed a number of manual changes and proposals at its July 23 meeting, including two related to  Capacity Performance.

Earlier in the day, PJM announced that it will adjust the schedule for two of its upcoming transitional capacity auctions to allow demand response and energy efficiency providers to participate. This was in response to  the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s direction.

A change to Manual 20 redefined the summer capacity product, modifying the Capacity Performance rules to allow Reliability Pricing Model participation of limited availability resources for the 2018/19 and 2019/20 delivery years. These are resources that are available for interruption every day from June 1 through Sept. 30 and unavailable the rest of the delivery year.

A change to Manual 18 looked at modifications to the capacity market and performance assessment under Capacity Performance. PJM will continue to work with stakeholders to clarify any questions prior to the Aug. 10 Base Residual Auction.

In other manual endorsements:

  • Manual 1: PJM withdrew several revisions prior to the MRC meeting in order to continue working with members on language clarification.
  • Manual 13: Administrative changes to Emergency Operations.
  • FERC 1000: Amending the fee structure to add a tiered approach to the filing package.
  • Timing Replacement Capacity Transactions: The Committee defined acceptable reasons (such as generator deactivation or a delayed in-service date) for early replacement of resources committed to PJM .
  • Merchant Network Upgrades: Made minor changes to tariff definitions.

The MRC also endorsed several problem statements and issue charge revisions:

  • Market Data Confidentiality Clarifications: This was developed after PJM worked with the Independent Market Monitor, stakeholders and regulators. This effort will address the requirements to maintain confidentiality of certain types of data.
  • Regulation Market Issues: Developed by the Independent Market Monitor, this effort to examine how regulation compensation issues will dovetail with work underway at the Operating Committee related to the amounts of Reg A (standard regulation resources such as steam units) and Reg D (fast response resources such as batteries, hydro and flywheels) committed.
  • Markets Governing Documents Updates: The MRC sent the statement to the Tariff Harmonization Senior Task Force. Because these updates will continue, the MRC also approved the task force’s change into a subcommittee.