Special MIC Begins Review of DER Framework

PJM and its stakeholders reviewed potential frameworks for integrating distributed energy resources at a special Market Implementation Committee on Nov. 22.

As a starting point, the special MIC focused on ancillary services and looked at generation resources versus demand response. Going forward, the committee will examine PJM’s demand response framework and evaluate the current options for distributed energy resources to participate in markets.

The committee briefly discussed the recent Notice of Proposed Rulemaking from the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, regarding removing barriers for energy storage participation in regional markets.  Stakeholders are expected to provide input into PJM’s comments on the NOPR at a future special MIC meeting.

Originally, the work on distributed energy resources was carried out through a special session of the Markets and Reliability Committee. With the completion of the education phase, the work moved to the MIC and the Planning Committee for dedicated discussion at those committees and the special MRC was suspended.

The Planning Committee will look at education and new rules on:

  • Alternate queue process
  • Allocation of upgrade costs less than $5 million
  • Phasing in the queue process