Stakeholder Discussions Drive January OC

PJM reminded generating unit owners at the Jan. 10 Operating Committee meeting that they have fewer than 50 days left to submit requests for adjustments to unit-specific parameter limitations for delivery year 2017/2018.

Capacity Market sellers who do not believe their individual resources can meet minimum unit-specific operating parameters under Capacity Performance – due to actual operating constraints – may request adjustments for those resources for the parameters for their cost-based and price-based parameter limited schedules to the PJM for review.

If a market seller does not submit an adjustment for CP-cleared units for delivery year 2017/18 by Feb. 28, the proxy values for each parameter will be applied based on the appropriate technology and/or classification (see chart on page 3), effective June 1.

If PJM has already approved a unit’s parameters from a previous auction year, the seller does not have to submit again, unless there is a change to the unit’s operational capability.

PJM also presented continuing education on new language on pseudo-tie agreements.

PJM does not have a standard agreement to request and implement a pseudo-tie, resulting in many form variations among pseudo-ties. The language addresses several issues, including developing uniformity in pseudo-tie requirements.  The committee will vote on this issue at the February meeting.

The committee endorsed changes to:

Other committee business and updates:

  • First read – changes to Manual 01: Control Center and Data Exchange
  • Educational presentation on PJM’s daily load forecasting process
  • Cold Weather Preparation, including cold weather exercise status
  • Development of new operating protocols for the PJM/NYISO interface, which includes NYISO and PJM’s joint filing for joint operating agreement revisions to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission at the end of January