Stakeholder meeting roundup: OC and MIC

The implementation of capacity performance was the focus of the January 5 Operations Committee meeting.

The OC discussed a number of issues related to CP:

The committee updated stakeholders on frequency response performance, with respect to new North American Electric Reliability Corporation standards and announced an update to a previously conducted generator survey.

Dave Schweizer, manager – Generation, presented an update on winter testing and the readiness checklist. PJM and its members duplicated the readiness steps which were successful a year ago.

The OC also endorsed several manual changes:

  • A proposal to examine compliance language in Manual 40: Training and Certification Requirements.
  • Annual review of Manual 38, with updated web link and reliability study procedure.

At its January 6 meeting, the Markets Implementation Committee endorsed two items.

  • Language revisions in Manual 27: Open Access Transmission Tariff Accounting. The changes on daily zonal scaling factors from the Market Settlement Subcommittee standardize inconsistencies in data values and eliminate the potential misuse of data.
  • Issue charge to memorialize operating parameter definitions in the PJM manuals including startup cost, no load cost, and cancellation fees. There will be a special MIC meeting on Tuesday, January 19 so stakeholders can continue to work on refining the definitions.

In addition, the committee worked on Financial Transmission Rights ownership disclosure topics. The committee discussed packages and expects a first read at the February meeting.

The committee also began work on the parameter limited schedule exception process. PJM provided education on the issue and work will continue at the February MIC meeting.

The MIC also heard updates on data confidentiality and the energy offer cap, among other presentations.