Stakeholder Roundup

Membership Update

PJM membership as of Jan. 12, 2015, is 945 member companies.

Stakeholder Groups

The Markets and Reliability Committee (MRC) met on Dec. 18. There were no Members Committee (MC) or MC Webinar meetings in December.

At the Dec. 18 meeting, the MRC took the following actions:

  • Endorsed several manual revisions (PDF),
  • Endorsed proposed Tariff revisions related to data availability for the bus distribution factors for zonal and residual metered load aggregates (PDF) utilized by the Day-Ahead Energy Market,
  • Approved a proposed problem statement and issue charge related to harmonization of PJM’s governing documents (PDF) (Operating Agreement, Tariff, and Reliability Assurance Agreement), and
  • Endorsed proposed Tariff and manual revisions related to enhanced inverter capability(PDF).

The following items were discussed at the Dec. 18 meeting and may be considered by the MRC at a future meeting:

  • Additional proposed manual revisions.

The MRC also discussed the following items:

  • A pending compliance filing related to reactive supply and voltage control service (PDF) from deactivating resources,
  • Recent events related to demand response participation in PJM markets and a planned “stop gap” contingent filing (PDF) with the FERC intended to address demand response participation in PJM markets in the event that the Supreme Court chooses to deny the petition for certiorari in the EPSA case,
  • PJM Board direction that PJM staff submit to the FERC OA and Tariff revisions related to energy market offer caps (PDF),
  • The planned reliability filing for the 2015/2016 delivery year related to adjustments to Tariff provisions regarding “reliability must run” unit payments (PDF) and a waiver to the Tariff requirements regarding capacity release in the third incremental auction, and
  • The recent FERC filing related to capacity performance.

The next regular MRC meeting will be Jan. 22. The next MC meeting will be Jan. 22, and the next MC Webinar will be Jan. 20.

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