Stakeholders Hear Action Plans, Ongoing Processes at Webinar

The agenda at Monday’s Members Committee Webinar covered the gamut from stakeholder satisfaction to the technical aspects of interregional coordination to compliance.

PJM provided an overview of the action plans stemming from the 2015 Stakeholder Satisfaction Survey.

These include the lessons learned process surrounding the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s Order 1000, beginning discussions on the timeliness of communications around transmission outages and improving manual navigation.

In addition, PJM also presented updates to the Tech Change Forum, which is an integral part of the improvement process for the use of PJM tools.

PJM presented an analysis on the maximum net short and net long positions as used in the Minimum Offer Price Rule under the PJM tariff. PJM developed the thresholds to balance protecting the market against price suppression and accommodating normal business operations of self-supply load-serving entities.

PJM presented two interregional coordination updates. The first detailed the ongoing work of the MISO/PJM joint stakeholder activities; the second involved the termination of the PJM/NYISO Wheel Agreement.

The MISO/PJM presentation touched on a number of steps in coordinating system planning, including interregional cost allocation and coordination of interconnection and retirement procedures. The PJM/NYISO discussion centered on protocols for replacement of the wheel agreement on May 1, 2017.

PJM reviewed recent FERC action on hourly offers and settlement timing/shortage pricing. As directed by the FERC, PJM proposes to introduce new provisions to codify the rules that govern a resource’s ability to submit real-time offers. The FERC directed in Order 825 that PJM update its settlement timing to match the timing of price signals (such as requiring the settlement period to match pricing periods).

The commission is also requiring PJM to change the manner in which it approves and verifies fuel cost policies.  PJM will inform members and stakeholders of updates.

Stakeholders also heard updates on: