Stakeholders Hear Capacity Performance Updates at OC

Two Capacity Performance updates were among the issues discussed at the Oct. 4 Operating Committee meeting, as stakeholders discussed the addition of a performance assessment hour status flag to the direct control room data stream.

PJM received requests to use the direct control room data stream to communicate when a performance assessment hour has been triggered.  PJM began to examine the changes it would need to implement to satisfy those requests.

Because of the complex nature of the possible changes – such as multiple systems “talking” with each other and resource availability – PJM was looking for stakeholder feedback to determine if there was support to move forward with the project.

Stakeholders told PJM on Tuesday that they thought it worthwhile to explore the process. PJM said it would use the new Tech Change Forum as a tool in developing the timeframe and project priority.

In another Capacity Performance issue, PJM has added Member Community to the tools available for the capacity market sellers for the implementation of the unit specific parameter process. After market sellers submit their adjustment request to, they can look up the status of their requests and submit questions.

Capacity market sellers have until Feb. 28, 2017, to submit their request. PJM will have all responses to market sellers by April 15, 2017.

Winter Weekly Reserve Target Analysis

 PJM recommends 27 percent as the minimum winter reserve target for the upcoming 2016 / 2017 winter period. This value is identical to the target approved last year. PJM bases the target on unit summer ratings. The percentage represents 27 percent of the forecasted weekly peak load.

Day-Ahead Scheduling Reserve Requirement

PJM reviewed the preliminary 2017 Day-Ahead Scheduling Reserve This reserve requirement will be incorporated into Manual 13 and become effective on January 1, 2017. The 2016 requirement was 5.70 percent; the preliminary 2017 requirement is 5.51 percent. Data shows a small increase in load forecast errors and a small decrease in the forced outage rate component.

PJM/NYISO Interface

As part of stakeholder education, PJM provided a status update on the new operating protocol for the PJM/NYISO interface. PJM will also present to the developments to the Market Implementation and Planning committees this week. After stakeholder reviews in November, PJM and NYISO plan a joint filing with the FERC early in 2017.

PJM and NYISO have published a joint white paper, which provides a high level overview of the effort.

The protocol selected met a number of guidelines, including support of reliable operation of the transmission system, effective management of congestion across the region and best serving the public interest and customer benefits.