TEAC Examines RTEP Window, Artificial Island

 Members took a close look at Reliability Analysis topics – including the updated Regional Transmission Expansion Plan timeline, the stats from the first 2016 RTEP proposal window and an update on Artificial Island – at the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee meeting on April 7.

The TEAC also reviewed updates on market efficiency and interregional coordination and presented the base reference model for the Clean Power Plan.  The state commissions serving the states PJM serves requested a base reference model on which to model scenarios for the CPP. See separate article.

2016 RTEP proposal window

TEAC discussed the results of the competitive planning window that opened Feb. 16 and closed March 17. The scope for the window related to generator deliverability and common mode outage violations, as well as end-of-life facilities.

There were 26 proposals from seven different entities. The breakdown:

  • Three Transmission Owner Upgrades, with a cost range of $7.7 million to $48.5 million
  • Twenty-three greenfield projects, with a cost range of $15.6 million to $111.5 million

PJM will present a more detailed overview of the proposals at a future TEAC.

Artificial Island

PJM Planning staff updated the TEAC on estimated cost increases to portions of the Artificial Island project.

PJM reported that projected costs for portions of the Artificial Island project are coming in higher than originally estimated at the March TEAC meeting. PJM continues to, analyse and examine the efficiency  of other approaches to work on Artificial Island. These include examining possible configuration changes and considering all implications.

PJM will provide an update to the Board of Managers at its April meeting and will continue to update members as things evolve.