TEAC: Fall brings new open windows for market efficiency and reliability projects

The Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee reviewed the latest details about the recently opened window for competitive transmission project bids and had a preview of a long-term window that will address market efficiency and reliability projects. The committee met Oct. 6.

The committee also reviewed an immediate need project that will go to the PJM Board for approval at its next meeting that is anticipated later this month. The proposed project is an additional 345 kV line Into the Newark International Airport.  Without the additional source, the airport would lose electric service for an extended period under a critical combination of faults that impact the planned transmission cables that feed the airport.  The new line needs to be in service by 2018, which qualifies it as an immediate need project.

PJM staff is currently reviewing proposals submitted through the 2016 Window Two to address summer violations, which closed July 29. The final recommendations will be reviewed at the November TEAC meeting. There are no recommendations from this window to be presented to PJM board this month.

Window Three, which opened Sept. 30, is continuing to receive proposals to address winter and light-load violation criteria. The window closes Oct. 31.

A new long-term window will open Nov. 1 to accept proposals for market efficiency projects. The window will be open until February 2017. However, the analysis is underway to finalize the criteria. A first draft of the case files was posted Sept.14. PJM expects to have the analysis complete by Nov. 1.

PJM advised those who intend to submit a proposal through the market efficiency window should register to have CEII access.  Applicants can register through pjm.com, however applicants must indicate “2016/17 RTEP Proposal Window.”

The committee also discussed the cost increase for a JCPL project in New Jersey. The project was originally approved by the PJM board in September 2011 and was authorized for $22 million under a preliminary and high level planning cost estimate. The project is now going through siting hearings. JCPL has since determined that due to complexities of having to build the line near New Jersey Transit facilities as well as additional detail in the estimate, the line will cost $111 million.