TEAC Reviews Reliability, Window Updates

PJM updated the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee on Feb. 9 on the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan’s third 2016 competitive windows, generation deactivations and reliability projects.

PJM anticipates a special TEAC on Artificial Island on March 3.


PJM recommended reliability  changes   for operational performance for American Electric Power. PJM planners worked closely with AEP to determine what operational and planning changes area were available to correct an ongoing problem with high voltages under light load conditions. PJM is proposing the addition of two new 300 megavolt-ampere reactive (MVAR) capacitors at two  substations, with an anticipated Sept. 1, 2018, service date.

PJM presented several alternatives (see slides 25-40) for replacing a substation and transformers in Newark. The project replaces aging infrastructure in downtown Newark, N.J. and serves government, education, transportation centers and other infrastructure.  PJM will recommend the alternative, which involves building a new substation outside of the existing substation. This approach will realize  cost benefits. The project is estimated currently at  $275 million.

Members also reviewed the results of reliability studies that were run for the analysis of the Clean Power Plan.

Generation deactivation

PJM and members discussed the deactivation of two units in the New Jersey Pine Barrens, scheduled for April. PJM said any reliability impacts will be resolved by previously approved baseline upgrades, which are currently scheduled to be completed in two years. In addition, PJM is running further analysis to study reliability during the interim period (deactivation date until the date the upgrades are scheduled to be completed).

Window Three

In the 2016 RTEP third proposal window, PJM reported that there were:

  • 25 flowgates recommended for proposals
  • 29 proposals received from seven entities, addressing six target zones
    • 17 greenfield
    • 12 transmission owner upgrades