TEAC Hears RTEP Window Two Results 

PJM announced additional details on the anticipated Regional Transmission Expansion Plan Window Three — the period to submit competitive bids — at the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee meeting on Sept. 15.

The scope of the window, which PJM anticipates will open at the end of September, will cover winter and light load reliability analysis for the study year 2021.

PJM also reviewed the results and project submissions for the 2016 RTEP Proposal Window Two. At the August TEAC meeting, PJM presented the preliminary analytical results for the reliability violations identified in the window. The window, which initially closed at the end of July, was extended until mid-August.

PJM received a total of 87 proposals from 13 entities in 12 transmission zones.

Of the 87 proposals, there were 46 greenfield projects, ranging in cost from $5 million to $136.9 million. A greenfield is a new transmission facility that typically involves the use of previously undeveloped land or space. A greenfield project is not an upgrade to a transmission owners own facilities.

There were also 41 transmission owner upgrades, ranging from $30,000 to $125 million.

The proposals were a response to the reliability violations that PJM posted.

Based on work to date, Window Two proposals will be categorized by the following:

  • Preliminary recommendations
  • Retirement or at-risk related. These reliability violations will be re-evaluated pending the status of the retirement or at-risk generation
  • On-going technical evaluation as necessary to develop a recommended solution
  • Proposals associated with potential overlap with winter and light load violations that are anticipated to be posted in Window Three

Market Efficiency

PJM updated the 2016-2017 24-month market efficiency cycle timeline. PJM posted the first drafts of the market efficiency cases on the Market Efficiency page on pjm.com on Sept. 14. Simulation cases and supporting documentation are available.

The proposal window will open on Nov. 1, 2016 and PJM  requests stakeholder feedback on the simulation model by Oct. 15. The final simulation cases will be posted before Nov. 1.

Market efficiency questions should be sent to rtep@pjm.com, with “Market Efficiency” in the subject line.

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