TEAC updates on competitive windows, Artificial Island


This story has been updated since original posting on March 11, 2016.

PJM Planning staff updated the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee on competitive window proposals and estimated cost increases to portions of the Artificial Island project. The presentation was at the March 10 meeting.

PJM said it is about to select a proposal to address congestion on an interface between Pennsylvania and Maryland. The project was held over for further analysis from a planning window last year.  The proposal window closed in February 2015 and several smaller market efficiency projects were authorized by the PJM Board in October 2015.

PJM discussed the shortlist of options, including combinations of proposals studied. Pending the completion of additional sensitivity and reliability analyses on the leading proposal, one option is expected to be recommended to the board for approval.  A TEAC meeting to review the final recommendation will be held March 17.

PJM also reported that projected costs for portions of the Artificial Island project are coming in higher than originally estimated. PJM said that design-phase details related to changes to be made at PSE&G’s New Freedom substation, optical ground wire installations and the Salem Station expansion are estimated to be about double  PJM’s preliminary estimates. The increased costs are due to several factors such as higher costs for the installation of the static var compensator as well as relocating buildings that would interfere with the configuration of the substation expansion. Details are in the Reliability Updates presentation.

Steve Herling, vice president – Planning, said PJM would continue gathering more information about costs and check with other transmission partners involved in the project for cost updates. Herling said that information will be shared with the committee as it becomes available. He said that further analysis would look for opportunities to optimize design elements to mitigate, to the extent possible, the cost increases.

NOTE: The estimated cost increase was updated to reflect it is double the PJM estimates. The details are in the linked document.