Tips and Tools: PJM-EIS Website

GATS – the Generation Attribute Tracking System – is a regional system that tracks information about how megawatt-hours of electricity are generated. Find it under “Environmental Issues” in the Data Assistant section of

GATS breaks down the environmental attributes of generation and supports reporting, compliance and verification requirements related to environmental compliance and related markets. PJM-EIS (a PJM subsidiary) maintains the system.

The Public Reports section offers sortable databases on a number of different topics. Users can view the fuel mix for the PJM footprint evolve over timeframes going back to 2005. Users can also view the rules and regulations for renewable portfolio standards for every state in the PJM footprint.

By tracking emissions data and renewable energy credits, GATS enables states to implement energy policies with requirements for both renewable energy and emission reporting. It provides a framework for a growing requirement for electricity from renewable sources.

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