Tips & Tools: Learning Center

PJM has rewritten and expanded the Learning Center to be simple, clear and visual – making it your source to explain the power industry and PJM’s role.

In addition to colorful illustrations, the site features an electricity price ticker, which shows the real-time wholesale price of power wherever you live and maps of the PJM footprint. Videos and interactive graphics give an overview of the electric grid and how it works

The Learning Center is divided into five sections:

Each section provides information and helpful links.

The Three Priorities section, for example, delves into those priorities – keeping the lights on, administering the buying and selling of electricity through wholesale markets and planning for the future needs of the grid.

Electricity Basics provides information on generation, transmission and PJM markets, including how the wholesale market operates and costs for each type of generation.

There are also links to facts sheets on PJM and its role as a regional transmission operator.

PJM Tips and Tools highlights a tool or section on that may interest site visitors.