Tips & Tools: Reliability Pricing Model

PJM is in the process of updating the markets and operations section of its website to make it easier to navigate the site and find information.

Three sections have been revised – Demand Response, Capacity Market (RPM) and Ancillary Services.

The updates are based on research, including interviews with members and stakeholders to discuss and observe how they interact with the site.

For the changes, PJM:

Streamlined multiple pages into one so there’s no more searching through numerous places to find information.

  •  Reorganized the pages into a two-column layout, making it easier to scan quickly and locate content. The content is in an easy scrolling format for mobile web browsing.
  •  Consolidated multiple resources into one section to make it easier to find material – including links to relevant training, manuals and documents that are on other sections of the website.

The revision of the Capacity Market (RPM) section is in advance of the upcoming auction. There are articles, including frequently asked questions, for those who are new to auctions.

PJM will update each section of the markets and operations section throughout 2015.

PJM Tips and Tools highlights a tool or section on that may interest site visitors.