Updates abound at Planning Committee

PJM provided updates on a variety of topics at the April 13 Planning Committee meeting, including parameters for capacity emergency transfer limits for energy imports, the redesign of the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee and the newly developed Planning Community Tool.

Capacity emergency transfer limits (CETL)  

PJM presented an informational item to help stakeholders understand capacity emergency transfer objective and CETL calculations, as well as their role in the PJM Reliability Pricing Model planning parameters.  The three-year-out CETL values are the “planning parameters” for PJM’s reliability pricing model base residual auction.

Due to the financial impact of the values, stakeholders provided PJM with a great deal of input to the calculation methods. PJM reviewed its calculation methodology, including import assumptions.  For the upcoming base residual auction, PJM re-calculated several previously posted parameters due to changing assumptions in neighboring systems, particularly New York.

TEAC redesign  

PJM presented an update on the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee redesign, including the latest timing and structure diagrams for the 12-month cycle and the 18-month cycle.

Planning Community Tool

Stakeholders and PJM have identified several categories where the new Planning Community Tool will be particularly useful – communication transparency, interactivity, enhanced security, better alerts and notifications, and tagging issues to allow stakeholders to follow specific topics of interest.

First reads

PJM presented the first read of the draft PJM Manual 14F: Competitive Planning Process, including the decisional diagram. PJM has updated this manual based on feedback resulting from the March Planning Committee meeting. This manual has been reviewed in special Planning Committee sessions for the past three months.

Stakeholders and PJM reviewed the work of the Designated Entity Design Standards Task Force. The task force is developing standards across a number of fronts.

PJM presented updates to Manual 14A: Generation and Transmission Interconnection Process and the Tariff related to cost allocation and the alternate queue for projects of less than $5 million. Members reviewed the updates at March 30 Special Planning Committee Session.

Other Committee Business

 The committee endorsed administrative updates to Manual 14B: PJM Region Transmission Planning Process. It also discussed work at the Special PC Sessions on transmission service and upgrade requests.