Wheeling, West Virginia

Wheeling and its adjacent communities in West Virginia are connected to the high-voltage grid through American Electric Power, which was integrated into PJM’s markets in 2004.

Population of Wheeling: 27,648*

Total customers: 41,296**
Total amount of megawatt-hours used: 3,269,892**

Fun facts:

 Wheeling was West Virginia’s first capital city. The capital city was switched between Wheeling and Charleston a number of times before Charleston became the permanent capital.

The first patent for a soda fountain was granted to George Dulty in 1833 in Wheeling.

One of the first suspension bridges in the world was completed in Wheeling in 1849.

Around 1908, Wheeling-based Block Brothers Tobacco Company started painting bridges and barns with the message “Treat Yourself to the Best, Chew Mail Pouch,” pioneering the concept of outdoor advertising.



*2015 United States Census Bureau population estimate
**2014 Energy Information Administration data

Fun facts from the West Virginia Legislature, Movoto and 50states.com.