2018 Annual Report Reflects Industry in Constant Change


PJM Interconnection’s 2018 Annual Report is now available to the public on pjm.com.

The report highlights the accomplishments of and challenges faced by PJM last year, operating in an industry characterized by continual change.

The report’s theme, “Leading Through the Transition,” emphasizes the leadership PJM provides to help shape dialogue that aligns with policies of states, while maintaining our focus on reliability and resilience.

“The events and trends of the past year have presented PJM with a shifting industry landscape in which to lead. We’ve had to navigate a field of change — in policies, generators’ revenues and market factors that weren’t relevant when the markets were developed more than 20 years ago,” said Andy Ott, President and CEO. “We are being challenged by new issues even as we steer our way through the predictable problems of aging infrastructure.”