All Interconnection Service Requests Can Now Be Submitted Through Queue Point Planning Tool


All new interconnection service requests can now be submitted through PJM’s planning tool, Queue Point. Queue Point is part of  PJM’s Planning Center that allows users to enter data for multiple attachment forms in a single location.

Users can now submit the following attachments through the tool:

  • Attachment BB Interconnection Service Agreement for Certified Inverter-Based Generating Facility
  • Attachment EE New Service Requests and data submittal
  • Attachment S New Service Requests and data submittal
  • Attachment Y Form of Screens Process Interconnection Request (For new generation facilities ≤ 2MW (synchronous) or up to 5MW (inverter-based)
  • Generator As Built Study Data

PJM launched Queue Point in January 2017, supporting submission requests for Attachment N Generation Interconnection Feasibility Study and System Impact Study.

Queue Point lets users more easily submit the information PJM uses to study and determine if improvements to the transmission system must be made to accommodate new interconnection requests.

The improvements include a wizard that helps users find the form needed, the ability to save information for later and the ability to enter multiple sets of information for one project.

To use Queue Point, users must be granted access to the tool. PJM members can do this on the Account Manager page of the PJM website. Non-members will need to have a new company account created in order to grant access. Instructions are available in the Queue Point User Guide (DOC).

If you need assistance, contact Member Relations or call 866-400-8980. Learn more about when additional updates will take place through the Tech Change Forum.