Almgren, Robinson Reelected to PJM Board of Managers; Board Member Margaret “Margo” Loebl Welcomed

Retiring Board Member Susan Riley Recognized


PJM Interconnection announced today that Ake Almgren, Ph.D., and Charles Robinson have been reelected to the PJM Board of Managers, while Margaret Loebl was elected as a new Board member during its Annual Meeting this week.

Dr. Almgren was also reelected by fellow Board members to continue serving as chair of the Board for one year.

Ake Almgren, Ph.D.

Almgren has served on the PJM Board of Managers since 2003. He operates his own consulting company, Orkas Inc., which is focused on new energy technologies. Almgren was president of several ABB companies, including ABB Power T&D Co., which is involved in electric transmission and distribution worldwide. Previously, he served on the Department of Energy’s Electricity Advisory Council.

In December 2019, the PJM Board waived its policy on term limits applicable to Almgren. While he was reelected to a three-year term, he has noted his intention is to serve for only one additional year for the purpose of helping to ensure a successful leadership transition.

“PJM is grateful for the leadership and continuity Dr. Almgren has provided us throughout a period of significant transition,” said PJM President and CEO Manu Asthana.

Charles Robinson

Charles Robinson Elected to Additional Term

Robinson, first elected to the PJM Board in 2011, was also reelected by the Members Committee.

Robinson serves as the vice president of Legal Affairs and General Counsel for the Regents of the University of California, where he is the chief legal officer. He previously served for seven years as vice president, general counsel and corporate secretary for the California Independent System Operator. Prior to that, Mr. Robinson was assistant general counsel and director of litigation for Packard Bell, division counsel for the Raychem Corporation, and a partner at the Heller Herman White and McAuliffe law firm.

He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts from Harvard University in 1979 and earned his Juris Doctor from Yale University in 1983.

Margaret “Margo” Loebl

New Board Member Margaret “Margo” Loebl Welcomed, Susan Riley Recognized

PJM members also elected Margaret “Margo” Loebl to serve on the Board of Managers.

Loebl most recently served as executive vice president and chief financial officer of AgroFresh Solutions, Inc. in 2016. She has over 30 years of professional experience holding executive employment with Fortune 500 companies in areas of finance, accounting and risk management.

Loebl fills the Board vacancy left by retiring member Susan J. Riley. At Monday’s meeting, Almgren recognized Riley’s service as a member of the PJM Board and interim president & CEO of PJM.

Susan J. Riley

“I have always been impressed by Sue’s work ethic and commitment to PJM,” said Almgren. “She brought a strong business acumen and financial sense to the PJM Board and has helped PJM to build stronger relationships with members, states and the market monitor.”

Elections took place at the May 4 Members Committee session, part of this year’s remotely hosted Annual Meeting. Election of the chair of the Board took place at the Board meeting on May 5.