Annual Report Reflects an Industry Characterized by Continual Change


PJM Interconnection’s 2019 Annual Report is now available on its website. The report highlights PJM’s progress as it continues to operate in an industry driven by accelerating change.

The report’s theme, “Reflect. Refocus. Refine.,” emphasizes PJM’s commitment to our members and stakeholders. The look back underscores our continuing development as we advanced a forward-looking credit risk framework to protect our markets, managed grid reliability jointly with our members, and collaborated with stakeholders and states to chart our shared energy future.

Manu Asthana, President and CEO, underscored the report’s theme.

“PJM is known for offering insightful, independent perspectives, which will continue to be a focus area for us as we work alongside members and stakeholders to forge a sound energy future for the 65 million people in the region we serve,” Asthana said.