Bryson Joins NARUC Gas-Electric Working Group


The National Association of Regulatory Utility Commissioners (NARUC) has named PJM Sr. Vice President of Operations Michael Bryson to serve on the association’s new Gas-Electric Alignment for Reliability initiative, also known as GEAR.

The new working group brings together industry representatives and state regulators to develop solutions to better align and improve the reliability of the electric and gas industries. Bryson joins other industry leaders in the working group representing the perspective of grid operators such as PJM and other independent system operators/regional transmission organizations.

“Regulators across the country are critical partners in addressing the challenges we foresee in maintaining and enhancing grid reliability through the energy transition we are experiencing,” said Bryson. “I’m pleased to join this team as we work toward solutions together.”

NARUC is a nonprofit organization made up of state utility regulatory agencies, including telecommunications, energy and water utilities.

GEAR will present updates at the 2024 NARUC Annual Meeting and Education Conference and provide recommendations at NARUC’s 2025 Winter Policy Summit. The working group’s official charter (PDF) provides more details on its purpose and responsibilities.