Enhancing the stakeholder process and experience discussed at Members Committee


PJM this summer will initiate a discussion among members about how to enhance the stakeholder process, said Mike Borgatti, Members Committee chair, at Wednesday’s meeting.


Engaging members in conversation and decisions is particularly important now, Borgatti said, when the industry is facing significant potential changes.

Along similar lines, Denise Foster, vice president – State and Member Services, said a cross-divisional, cross-functional team has been studying ways to enhance members’ experience doing business with PJM.

Rebecca Carroll, director – Member Relations, presented some findings from the most recent Members Survey, which will guide enhancements.

Survey feedback indicated that members want changes in PJM’s tools and website, fewer stakeholder meetings, ways to find faster answers to questions, and simplified communications.

PJM has responded by providing a single user login for multiple accounts, optimizing the website search function, and working with members on prioritization. PJM also has improved its self-service communities and enriched presentations to stakeholders by adding key takeaways, among other changes.

Also at the Members Committee meeting, Adam Keech, executive director – Market Operations, delivered the Markets Report. Among the highlights:

  • PJM wholesale cost through April was $66.35/MWh, up from full-year 2017 cost of $49.64/MWh, driven by fuel costs during the cold snap in January.
  • Last month, uplift exceeded $800,000 on just one day, April 30.
  • Load-weighted average locational marginal pricing through April was $46.30/MWh.
  • Due to cooler-than-average weather, the sum of heating and cooling degree days was above the historic average.

Paul McGlynn, senior director – Systems Operations, delivered the Operations Report.

The average load forecast error for April was 1.72 percent, within the goal of 3 percent. Year-to-date, the Perfect Dispatch score is 88.29 percent. That translates to cumulative production cost savings through April of $1.4 billion since 2008, with more than $11 million in savings so far this year.

In other business, Tim Horger, director – Energy Market Operations, gave the Interregional Coordination Update.