Evelyn Robinson Briefs Indiana Senate Utilities Committee on PJM’s Winter Preparedness and Performance


PJM’s Evelyn Robinson, Managing Partner – State Government Affairs, testified before the Indiana Senate Utilities Committee March 4, on the RTO’s winter readiness and its performance over the mid-February cold snap.

In her testimony, Robinson highlighted the range of operational readiness activities PJM pursues to ensure reliable winter operations, as well as the incentives its performance-driven capacity market provides to encourage investment in reliable generation.

Robinson also outlined the benefits of PJM’s ongoing coordination with its neighboring grid operators, such as MISO, which also serves Indiana. During the February cold snap, PJM exported record amounts of electricity to its neighbors, while maintaining reliability in its own system.

She also noted how during the 2014 Polar Vortex, PJM itself was the beneficiary of an interregional network, when PJM was able to import power from neighboring systems to serve customers.