Further Improvements to Governing Documents Access


PJM has made further improvements to its governing documents on PJM.com to provide links to manuals within the document text.

In late September, PJM made available dynamic, easy-to-navigate, searchable web-based versions of the Operating Agreement, Tariff and RAA. The documents were previously only available as downloadable PDF files. In addition to viewing pop-up definitions of certain terms and cross-referenced section links within each document, users can now also easily access manuals within the document text.

The new web-based documents are unofficial versions of the governing documents. For ease of use, some of the formatting (but not the substantive provisions) in the web versions of the governing documents have been changed. The FERC-accepted, official versions of the documents continue to be available as downloadable PDF files.

PJM continues to enhance its website in order to make it easier to do business with PJM and encourages stakeholderĀ feedback. Learn more about future updates through the Tech Change Forum.