Helpful Tools for Your Inner Energy Nerd


PJM released its annual Regional Transmission Expansion Plan report last week. The report provides details on many aspects of planning – such as load forecasts, generation and study methodologies – that make PJM tick.

But the RTEP report is pretty dense. It’s not designed for the average person interested in learning more about the bulk electric system.

That doesn’t mean, however, there aren’t tools for regular folks who want to break down the wealth of available material into small bites, dig into the information and let their inner energy geek explore.

PJM’s Enhanced System Map

PJM’s enhanced system map gives users a more interactive and streamlined way to access information about the grid. The map has:

  • Customizable views and various filters that include queues and transmission line voltages.
  • A multi-search tool to locate multiple objects on the map at the same time.
  • Planning queue projects, which can be viewed by state, zone, project status, fuel type and capacity.
PJM’s enhanced system map filtered to show projects in the PJM interconnection queue.


Track electricity use, power grid conditions and wholesale power prices in real time throughout PJM with the simple and easy-to-use PJM Now app for Android and iOS. The app lets you:

  • Track power prices and trends in real-time by location.
  • Receive alerts about prices and grid conditions.
  • See the current fuel mix.

The Energy Information Administration

The United States Energy Information Administration website, the country’s official source for energy statistics, is an interactive playground for anyone interested in finding out more about the industry – not only in PJM, but nationally.

The site provides weekly updates on various fuel types and information on every type of resource. There are also long-term charts to compare infrastructure investment and where it’s located. In the energy consumption and efficiency section, users can view Thanksgiving week energy usage, similar to how PJM and other grid operators look at Super Bowl Sunday.

The site also has a special section, EIA Energy Kids, with lessons plans for teachers, mapping tools and science experiments. This can be used in conjunction with PJM’s Learning Center to present a basic introduction to electricity – and, maybe launch a career or two.

A map of renewable resources from the EIA.