How the PJM Campus Conserves Electricity When Demand Is High


With extremely hot and humid weather forecast for this week, people will be doing their best to stay cool, driving up the demand for electricity in the process.

PJM has already issued Hot Weather Alerts for the week for the 13-state region it serves to prepare generation and transmission personnel and facilities to meet the expected power use. But PJM also plays its part to reduce electricity consumption on its campus in Valley Forge, Pennsylvania, when demand is particularly high.

PJM’s on-campus energy conservation measures include dimming lights in all of its buildings, shutting off all televisions and monitors in its public areas, lowering the blinds in each building and adjusting each building’s air conditioning system.

Three of the five buildings on PJM’s Valley Forge campus have earned the EPA’s ENERGY STAR rating, which means they are more efficient than 75 percent of similar buildings nationwide.

Watch PJM’s video explaining what PJM does to conserve electricity during times of peak demand.