Latest Updates to Regional Transmission Expansion Plan Approved


The PJM Board of Managers on Feb. 10, approved the latest updates to the Regional Transmission Expansion Plan, or RTEP.

The changes, which work to ensure the reliability of the power grid for 65 million people, include new baseline reliability projects and changes to the scope and cost of existing projects.

The primary baseline projects approved by the PJM Board include:

  • In the AEP transmission zone, rebuild and convert the existing East Leipsic-New Liberty 34.5 kV circuit to 138 kV, along with associated substation work at the McComb, East Leipsic and New Liberty stations.
  • In the AEP transmission zone, rebuild approximately 9 miles of the Rob Park-Harlan 69 kV line.
  • In the Dominion transmission zone, work in the Manassas area, including the conversion of the Liberty-Lomar and Cannon Branch-Lomar 115 kV lines to 230 kV, substation work and line extensions.
  • In the Penelec transmission zone, construct a new breaker-and-a-half Warriner Pond 115 kV substation near Tiffany 115 kV substation.

The Board also approved several smaller projects, which include transformer replacements, line reconductoring, breaker replacements and upgrades to terminal equipment, including relay and wave trap replacements.

Baseline reliability transmission enhancement costs are allocated to PJM load.

Details of all approved projects are contained in the Transmission Expansion Advisory Committee recommendations to the PJM Board. Follow all projects through the process with PJM’s Project Status & Cost Allocation tool.