Learn ‘Who’s Who’ in the PJM Control Room in New Video


Fifty years ago this month, PJM began construction of its control room in Valley Forge, Pa. While the technology in the control room today looks vastly different than in 1969, PJM’s objective remains the same – keep the power flowing to 65 million people in 13 states and the District of Columbia.

The new “Who’s Who in the PJM Control Room” video on the Learning Center provides a behind-the-scenes glimpse of the roles and responsibilities carried out 24/7 by the dedicated and highly-trained staff working in the control room.

The Learning Center at learn.pjm.com is your 101-level education resource dedicated to explaining, in simple terms, the energy industry and PJM’s role in keeping the power flowing.

The Control Room in 1969

Construction began on PJM’s Valley Forge control room in March 1969. By February 1970, with the arrival of a new digital computer to monitor grid stability, PJM staff started to move into its new quarters. The new control room was fully operational by July 1970 when PJM met a new record peak demand of 23,838 megawatts.

The PJM control room under construction in 1969.