MC and MRC wrap-up


Members endorsed a number of tariff revisions at the Members Committee meeting Thursday afternoon.


  • Tariff revisions for the study of transmission service requests and upgrade requests in the new services queue process (as part of consent agenda)
  • Tariff revisions associated with proposals developed by the financial transmission rights modeling, performance and surplus special sessions of the Market Implementation Committee:
  • Tariff and Operating Agreement revisions associated with interim auction re-design (passed with 3.38 in a sector-weighted vote)
  • RERRA review of Energy Efficiency resource participation in the Capacity Market (acclamation vote)

This was the first Members Committee meeting with Michael Borgatti of Gabel & Associates as chair and Chuck Dugan, East Kentucky Power Cooperative, as vice chair.

Dugan announced the Liaison Committee meeting on Feb. 13 will cover resilience in the aftermath of the FERC directive (see Chris O’Hara’s presentation at the Markets & Reliability Committee), price formation and fast start resources, and capacity markets and public policy.

Markets & Reliability Committee Business

In addition to the lengthy discussions on cost containment, capacity markets, cold weather review  and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission issues, the Markets & Reliability Committee had a number of first reads and endorsements.


First Readings