Member Survey Guides PJM Outreach


By Denise Foster, vice president – State and Member Services

PJM is a services organization; we strive to provide value to more than 1,000 members.

A key component in PJM’s mission is understanding customer needs and delivering valued service to meet those needs in a cost-efficient manner.

We rely on feedback to gain that understanding of customer needs and to guide our decisions on enhancing processes, making certain data available, improving communications and making it easier for all our members to do business with us overall.

Feedback comes into PJM from multiple sources, including the Member Survey, the Bright Ideas platform, the stakeholder process and our engagement with members.

Rebecca Carroll, director – Member Relations, and I presented at the PJM annual meeting in May on the importance of stakeholder feedback and how we are using that feedback to guide and prioritize PJM’s activities in 2018.

PJM has developed action plans around four key feedback themes, which are:

  • Stakeholder process improvements:
    • Ongoing work on meeting volume and prioritization
    • Enhancement of education materials
  • Planned tool enhancements:
    • Implementation of an enhancement to access multiple accounts with a single login
    • Improved user experience with Data Miner 2 and Data Viewer
    • Improved search engine analytics and optimization on
  • Communication enhancements:
    • Enriched stakeholder presentations with key takeaways
    • Increased use of the PJM Now app and for communications
    • Improved communications regarding information technology efforts
  • Customer service will focus on improving PJM’s self-service enhancements such as Member Community, Planning Community and Tech Change Forum.

PJM will share updates to all action plan items at stakeholder meetings, Bright Ideas will capture process improvement action items, and Inside Lines will continue to feature executive articles.

We always welcome feedback on how we can improve and make it easier to do business. We encourage members to submit process improvement recommendations in the Bright Ideas platform, which is available on the Tech Change Community.