New Average Hourly Emissions Graph Available on PJM Now App and PJM Website


PJM has updated its new Emissions page and PJM Now app to include a visualization of overall average hourly emissions information for the region PJM serves.

The new average hourly emissions graph reflects overall hourly emissions data over a rolling 24-hour period for carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen oxides (NOx) and sulfur dioxide (SO2). This information is based on annually reported average data from electric generators within the PJM footprint. PJM does not receive real-time emissions data from power plants.

These figures represent the emissions for the overall region PJM serves. PJM is not able to provide data for any smaller geographic area, zone, state or other subset of PJM.

PJM previously released a marginal emissions graph, visualizing the emissions caused by producing the last megawatt of energy on the system serving customer load.

Both emissions graphs are available on the PJM Now app for iPhone and Android devices and on the Emissions page on