New EIPC Paper Outlines Needs of the Grid With Increased Renewables


A new white paper issued Oct. 5 by the Eastern Interconnection Planning Collaborative (EIPC) identifies challenges and offers recommendations for policymakers to help ensure the reliability of the transmission system while integrating a growing number of renewable resources.

PJM is part of EIPC along with 18 other planning authorities from the eastern and central United States that make up the Eastern Interconnection of the North American transmission grid.

EIPC’s white paper (PDF) is designed to explain both the opportunities and challenges of integrating an increasing amount of renewables on the grid to assist policymakers in developing policies that ensure the ongoing reliability and affordability of electricity.

The paper notes that a transition toward more renewable energy is well underway and that the electric industry has already implemented many lessons learned while adapting to change. It concludes that planning challenges of this transition are not insurmountable, nor should they serve as a barrier to the movement toward a grid made up of environmentally cleaner resources.

The EIPC provides a forum for interconnection-wide coordination of system planning activities of its member regions in the Eastern Interconnection. More information about the EIPC is available at