New Learning Center page highlights cybersecurity, safeguarding the grid


A number of cybersecurity-related resources and practices are used to ensure PJM fulfills its vision of leading the electricity industry in reliable operations, efficient wholesale markets and infrastructure planning. Cybersecurity is a high-priority focus area in which PJM invests time, money and effort.

The new PJM Learning Center page, Safeguarding the Grid, highlights how PJM and its members collectively take their responsibility seriously to provide services critical to life, health and safety to 65 million people across the PJM footprint.

PJM works together with their members and partners to exchange information, leverage existing expertise and share tools, capabilities and resources, putting everyone in a stronger position to prepare for and defend against attacks and minimize disruptions. The new Safeguarding the Grid page emphasizes the number of ways PJM’s cybersecurity approach works to protect the system performance of the grid.

The Learning Center is a dedicated online source dedicated to explaining in simple terms the power industry and PJM’s key priority of ensuring reliable power supplies.