New Learning Center Page Shows How PJM Helps Adapt to Growth of Distributed Energy Resources


PJM is working alongside other electricity industry partners to explore how to integrate distributed energy resources, or DER, into the wholesale electricity markets and grid operations while ensuring system reliability. Check out the new Learning Center page that details PJM’s multi-faceted approach to accommodating this growing resource trend.

As DER increase throughout the PJM footprint, so does the impact on our bulk electric system.  PJM is working with its stakeholders to adapt our reliability planning and operations to these growing energy resources. We are working on gaining greater awareness of where solar, battery and other DER are located to help stabilize the grid during emergency conditions.

The Learning Center at is your 101-level education resource dedicated to explaining, in simple terms, the energy industry and PJM’s role in keeping the power flowing. New information about DER is found on the Energy Innovations page of the Learning Center. There, PJM’s details our contributions on the frontiers of the bulk electric system, including microgrids, energy storage, and much more.

Read more about DER on Inside Lines under the Innovation topics tab.